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The Planning

Conversions, a good option for your home improvement

Conversions are a service carried out by Steadfast builders in Essex, aimed at increasing your property functionality by changing the purpose of one or more rooms in your property. Conversions differ from extensions because with conversions you don't create more space like with extensions, you just find a way to repurpose the already existing space. Are you considering a house conversion? For example, your kids left for college and now you have unused bedrooms, while on the other hand your living room or dining room is not big enough for your everyday needs. Or, perhaps you bought a second car while you have a space in your garage for only one and you are considering repurposing that one room that nobody uses anymore? In both cases and many others, conversions are a perfect solution for you. Steadfast builders in Essex offer a professional approach to every clients' needs for conversions.

property conversions essex
property conversions essex

The challenge

Conversions for various types of spaces and properties

Conversions can be successfully done for every space in your home, in case you wondered. At Steadfast builders, we carry out conversions of all types: basement conversions, garage conversions, loft conversions, and even bungalow conversions. With basement conversions, we can change your basement into a completely functional spare living space, or into space for fun or relaxing activities. Your garage can become a small studio or atelier through garage conversion. Through loft conversions, your loft can be transformed into a cozy bedroom. Possibilities for conversion don't end there, it's only a matter of our client's creativity and his vision. Your bungalows can be modernized or turned into a house through bungalow conversions. Also, your house or bungalow may increase its value on the property market after doing conversions. Steadfast builders in Essex offer creative ideas for making our clients' dreams come true.

The solution

Conversions come with many advantages

  • Conversions need less time and effort compared to extensions or buying a new property
  • Conversions don’t require special permits and permissions from the Essex authorities
  • Conversions don’t need a lot of space to be carried out
  • Conversions optimize already existing space by increasing its functionality
  • Conversions are cheaper than extensions our buying a new house

Disadvantages of conversions are minimal and few in numbers. For example, they don’t change the outward appearance of your house or other property, but that’s not the primary goal of conversions anyway. Depending on the type of conversion it will not necessarily increase your property’s value, but at Steadfast builders, we will always give our best to come up with an idea for a conversion that will increase your property’s value as much as possible. Also, a house conversion won’t increase your space as much as extensions would do, but they will offer much-increased functionality of already existing space, which can be equally good.

property conversions essex
property conversions essex

Property Conversions

Conversions done by Steadfast builders have guaranteed quality

Conversions are done efficiently and with a high standard of quality using the newest technologies in the building industry, ensuring that your basement conversion, garage conversion, loft conversion or bungalow conversion make your home more functional while maintaining its esthetical value. If you are in Essex and in need of any type of conversion (aforementioned: basement conversion, garage conversion, loft conversion, bungalow conversion and many other house extensions that you might need), Steadfast builders through our structural engineering services will develop the best ideas for all needed house conversions. Changed and increased functionality and also a different and more modern look of their home will make even the most demanding clients feel amazed and satisfied.

Why Choose Steadfast Builders

Not only does our Essex building company offer high-quality building services for every construction work you might need, but we also abide by all health, safety and building regulations. That means that Steadfast builders’ clients can expect all of the construction work to be done with highly safe materials which won’t endanger your or the health of your family members. Safety regulations have a great value for us at Steadfast builders because we appreciate all of our builders and we give our best to protect them from dangers when working. Abiding by building regulations means in practice that every aspect of our work is done according to law, as it should be in a reputable construction company such as Steadfast builders in Essex.

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