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Steadfast supplies a professional underpinning and structural solutions for our customers throughout Essex.

If your home’s original foundation is not sufficiently stable or has been altered from its original form, we can provide you with an expert underpinning service and other structural solutions. We undertake work on a whole range of houses, ranging from old Edwardians homes to new builds. It is imperative that each home is treated with a tailored approach, which ensures the best results. It is more cost effective to work on an existing structure rather than build a new one.

For services such as these, full building regulations automatically apply, which ensures that all work complies with these methods. This, in turn, ensures that your home’s structure is completely stable and does not jeopardise the structure of your home. If the work is not completed to the highest standard, it could undermine the whole premise of the service and could be very costly.

The underpinning and structural solutions, which we provide include;

Structural Alterations
Structural Repairs
Subsidence Damage
Insurance Claims
Tanking of Sellers
New Builds