3 Things you need to consider when Renovating your Bathroom

How can you turn your dream bathroom into a reality?

Since the beginning of time people have had the need to cleanse themselves. History dates the use of the first bath as far back as 3000 B.C. Although at that time the bath was seen as a way for people to cleanse the body and the soul.  The first flushable toilet was invented in 1851 but was only owned by the very rich. The general public relied on outhouses, chamber pots and holes in the ground. It took quite a long time before indoor plumbing became accessible to the general public. By the 1960's most homes had this new luxury. Nowadays of course we have the luxury of indoor toilets and baths with running hot water. Back in the 1900's people dreamed of having a basic bath and toilet. Eventually, the dream of indoor plumbing and a bath with running hot water became a reality for our forefathers. Imagine their joy when they no longer had to dig holes or sit in a frozen outhouse. With that in mind allow yourself to dream big. Allow your dream of a bathroom renovation to become a reality with Steadfast Structural Engineering services LTD. Whether your dream bathroom renovation is big or small Steadfast builders in Essex, is up for the task.

What kind of bathroom renovation can you expect on a limited budget?

When thinking of a bathroom renovation, we at Steadfast builders know that it can be daunting. In fact, the mere thought of it may bring about a bit of panic and trepidation. You may ask yourself, "But can I afford it?" "What about quality on a low budget?". These are very valid questions. We, at Steadfast builders, know your worries and stress and wish to assure you that we only use products of a very high standard and only source quality products. While the pandemic has seen a lot of businesses struggle to produce quality workmanship, Steadfast has not lowered our standards in this demanding market. Our bathrooms renovations are top of the range, with modern design styles and updated classical luxury. Our bathroom renovations are tailored to individual needs and your budget. Whether it is a walk-in shower you require or a luxurious bath, our renovation experts will meet your needs. We know you need a bathroom renovation that fits your style, so we encourage you to use your imagination and allow us to make your dreams come true in the least invasive way. No stress, no fuss.

3 Things you need to consider when Renovating your Bathroom

When is the best time to install a new bathroom?

The bathroom is the one place in the house that is the most private. For some, it's the place to rejuvenate after a long day and just relax. For others, it’s a convenient hop in the shower before a busy day at the office or rushing off to do the school morning run.  We know you need a bathroom renovation that is practical, yet luxurious and for some, a little romantic. Over the decades, bathrooms have evolved from being a place where people would wash up after a hard day's work to being a place where you can meet all your grooming needs from brushing your teeth, shaving and even doing your makeup. We understand that in order to grow in this ever-changing world you’re your lifestyle needs to adjust with you. As the whole world has lived with a pandemic over the last few years, we at Steadfast Structural Engineering Services LTD understand that cleanliness has become more important than ever. We at Steadfast builders in Essex feel that anytime is the best time to reinvent, update or reimagine your bathroom. Just call us and we'll assist. Steadfast Structural Engineering Services LTD will even assist you in the planning and designing of your bathroom renovation. Just sit back and enjoy life while we rejuvenate your bathroom.

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