Building Practices and When You Need Planning Permission

All You Need To Know About Planning Permissions For Building

Planning permission refers to consent from your local authority for a proposed building by a team of builders, which is in place to deter inappropriate developments. It's usually required when contracting builders for building a new dwelling or making extensive changes to an existing one. Planning permission is also often the key that turns a piece of agricultural land into a viable building plot. Decisions on whether to grant planning permission are made in line with national guidance (in the form of the National Planning Policy Framework) and the local planning policies set out by the local authority. Making a planning permission application is not for the faint of heart. There's a significant amount of work that goes into making an application for planning consent that's likely to be successful, and depending on how the process unfolds, you might find it a stressful period of time. It’s recommended to have the following included in your application to ensure a smooth process: Five copies of application forms. The signed ownership certificate. A location plan, block plan, elevations of both the existing and proposed sites. A Design and Access Statement. The correct fee. Steadfast are specialist builders based in Essex and will assist you every step of the way when it comes to planning permissions.

The Different Types Of Planning Permissions In The Building Sector

There are several types of planning permission available, each best suited to certain projects and builds carried out by specialised builders. Full planning permission offers consent for a project based on a detailed design being provided. However, your project must be shown to meet the planning conditions attached to the permission for approval to be valid. These must be discharged formally by letter by the local authority to start work. Outline planning permission doesn't include any specifics in the design but offers permission in principle. Outline planning permission doesn't give you consent to begin the work, it's used more often to explore whether a build by experienced builders would be viable. An application for ‘reserved matters’ which may include the size of the proposed house, appearance, position, landscaping and access, will need to be submitted and approved before work can take place. If your detailed plans deviate significantly from the original outline permission, then you’ll likely need to submit for full planning. Householder planning permission is used for permission to alter or extend an individual house within the boundary of the property. If you’re planning on building a new home or extending your current home, contact Steadfast builders in Essex today and allow us to help make the process seamless.

Building Practices and When You Need Planning Permission

Other Key Factors To Know About Planning Permissions

Your local Steadfast builders will know that the cost of submitting a planning application varies across the UK, but these are the current fees applicable. £462 for a full application for a new single dwelling or outline planning permission per 0.1 hectare in England. £206 for a householder application in England. £460 for a full application for a new single dwelling or outline planning permission per 0.1 hectare in Wales. £230 for a householder application in Wales. £401 for a full application for a new single dwelling or outline planning permission per 0.1 hectare in Scotland. £202 for a householder application in England. If you're granted planning permission subject to planning conditions with builders, further costs will be incurred in approving details and materials, at a cost of £116 per application. Make sure that you’re aware that planning permission will expire after a certain period of time, normally three years from the date full consent is granted, unless your permission says otherwise. Realistically, if you are having to make more than one application (following revisions or changes to the design), you should consider setting aside 18 months for the process. Planning a building project can be stressful, but our team of builders at Steadfast in Essex have years of knowledge and expertise to assist you from start to finish. Contact us today, our builders are ready to help you!

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