House Refurbishment Ideas To Suit All Budgets.

Upgrading Your Kitchen Space

We often have the misconception that home refurbishments mean a huge undertaking. But making small simple changes to your home can have a huge impact on reinventing the original space. You can achieve a lot by making various upgrades to your home instead of completely tearing it down and starting anew. That should be a last resort. Our expert team of builders in Essex suggests you start with small projects around the house. You could completely transform your kitchen by simply replacing your countertops. Additionally, you could change the backsplash in your kitchen. With the backsplash, you could choose to only install it in places where it's necessary like behind your sink or stove. These projects are perfect if you're working with a tight budget as you have full control over the choice of materials. You will be free to opt for the cheaper option that suits your style. Another smart idea is to upgrade your kitchen cabinets. Choose to add doors or remove them for a fresh new look. The doors and cabinet shelves can be changed to your liking. You might think about painting them a different colour or even using peel-and-stick vinyl coverings for them. The choice is completely up to what is best for your budget.

Revitalise Lived In Living Spaces.

Steadfast knows that living rooms are often neglected therefore it is a good idea to make small cost-effective changes. The living room is the most used space in the house aside from the kitchen. The team of Essex builders over at Steadfast has a few budget-friendly changes you can make to your living room. Starting with upgrading the lighting in your living room. The change of lighting in the living could have a very astounding effect on the room as a whole and the experience. While we're on the topic of lighting, opting to change the features of your windows can also make a huge difference. Deciding to change the window frames or even the curtains can make a monumental difference to the space. The choice of which window frame or curtain to use will be up to what is allowed by your budget. You can freely decide on the best option for you. Brightening up the living room provides good contrast and opens up the space better. If you're looking for a more significant change then changing your flooring is the perfect way to transform this space. Our builders in Essex are available to assist with all your chosen changes.

House Refurbishment Ideas To Suit All Budgets

Upgrading The Bathroom and Bedroom.

Bathroom refurbishments cannot be easier with the best team of Essex builders at Steadfast. A quick and cost-effective way to upgrade the bathroom is to make changes to the walls. You can choose to paint them and add a fun pattern or to even add wallpaper to them. The possibilities are truly endless. Additionally, you could think about revitalising your medicine cabinet and even adding a mirror. Mirrors are always a good way to open up the space. You can achieve a completely new look without having to replace your shower/bath or basins. Making these small changes will ensure that the whole room seems brand new. The bedroom is no different. You could opt to add new display shelves to bring some dimension to the room. Like with the bathroom, upgrading the plain walls work well here too. You know what your budget allows and will be able to make all the correct choices for you. The Steadfast team of builders in Essex will be able to assist with any home refurbishments! Assistance is not limited to these smart small budget friendly changes but ranges to various types of building projects you could undertake. Contact Steadfast today!

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